Buying Toshiba Equipment

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Find an approved Toshiba T7 Warranty Partner

Toshiba work very closely with our approved network of installers, all of which have undergone intensive training on the full range of Toshiba air conditioning products and are able to offer reliable advice on what is best for your particular application.

Click here to contact your local Toshiba T7 approved warranty partner.

If you would like to see some examples of Toshiba solutions please click here.

Find an approved Toshiba Distributor

Toshiba air conditioning equipment is available through our network of specialist Distributors/Wholesalers/Re-sellers. Please click here or on the pin points on the map below to find your local distributor.

I am a Home Owner/User

Air conditioning in the home is very popular, whether it is for individual rooms such as bedrooms, conservatories, home office or indeeed the full home.  Prices obviously vary and can range from £1,000 to many thousands of pounds depending on the number of units, capacity of units and the complexity of the installation. For a better indication of capacity required please use the calculation tool (click here).

If you would like a detailed quotation for the supply and insallation of air conditioning equipment then please contact your local Toshiba T7 warranty partner or contact our development team directly on and they will assist you in selection and pricing.

For an example of residential solutions please click here.

I am a Retailer/Corporate Account

I currently use air conditioning systems within my builidings and would like to receive further information regarding how Toshiba products can reduce my energy consumption and provide Total Peace of Mind with the industry's leading warranty scheme.  Please contact the National Account Sales Manager  -

For an example of commercial solutions please click here.

I am a Consultant/Specifier

I require assistance to specify the energy efficient range of Toshiba products and I would like further information on the innovative technolgy which helps to provide a cost effective solution to comfort cooling within buildings. Please contact the UK Sales Manager - Neil Hitching - or 07712 790866

Or the Toshiba Pre-sales Department -

If you would like to see some examples of Toshiba solutions please click here.

I am an Installer/Contractor

I currently install air conditioning systems and would like to benefit from the Toshiba Rewards Scheme and the Toshiba extended warranty scheme which can provide up to 7 years coverage on parts and a full labour content.

Please contact the Area Sales Manager for your region or:

If you would like to see some examples of Toshiba solutions please click here.