Toshiba SHRM-e VRF Wins Air Conditioning Product of the Year Award

Toshiba’s latest 3-pipe Super Heat Recovery Multi (SHRM-e) VRF has won its second major award this year. The pioneering technology beat eight competitors to take the accolade “Commercial/Industrial Air Conditioning Product of the Year” in the finals of the recent HVR Awards 2017, held in London. This follows SHRM-e being crowned “Commercial HVAC Product of the Year” in the H&V News Awards 2017, held earlier this year, and continues Toshiba’s run of awards success in 2016 when the company’s Super Modular Multi System (SMMS-e) VRF system made a clean sweep of all four major industry awards. In the latest award, the independent judges applauded SHRM-e “for being flexible, energy efficient and kinder to the environment.” SHRM-e is Toshiba’s most advanced heat recovery VRF system to date. It embodies important technical developments in terms of compressors, controls, and wireless communications, which extend efficiency.

Improvements ensure the system achieves an ESEER (European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of 8 and above in most capacities, and an ESEER exceeding 7 for all capacities. While end-users benefit from reductions in running costs and enhanced comfort, installers profit from the new wireless commissioning and diagnostics system, reducing installation time and opening up fast two-way data exchange. Other improvements include an increased operating temperature range, extended pipework limits and connectivity, and genuinely continuous heating. Toshiba’s SHRM-e is unique in being able to provide continuous heating, with no requirement to stop during defrosts as with rival systems. This is made possible by the use of a new hot-gas bypass control, which simultaneously defrosts outdoor heat exchanger coils, while allowing the indoor unit to continue operating in heating mode.

David Dunn, managing director of Toshiba Air Conditioning UK and CIAT Ozonair, said: “The Toshiba development team worked hard to ensure SHRM-e meets the specific requirements of UK customers and is best-in-class in terms of key performance measures, such as energy efficiency and heating performance. We are delighted that the innovation and technical excellence underpinning SHRM-e has once again been recognised by an independent panel of industry judges. It confirms and supports our own belief in the product as establishing a new frontier in the field of VRF air conditioning technology.”