Refrigerant Leak Detection Solutions

Toshiba have introduced a suite of tools that are able to provide fully integrated controls systems for Toshiba VRF air conditioning. As a result our leak detection systems comply with BSEN378 and offer real time maintenance and monitoring for the requirements of the F-Gas regulation by providing the ability to identify any potential system leaks at an early stage. Preventing and reducing the amount of R410A leakage to atmosphere ensures that systems run at peak energy efficient performance levels.

The leak detection system works via sensors which detect change in the refrigerant pressure, temperature or detector. In the event of activation systems can be shut down, or alternatively individual indoor units can be isolated to allow the rest of the system to continue operating.

The system is made of a combination of the items below: -


Leak Detection Panel for remote indication of fault/alarm at supervisory level

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Audio and visual alarm indicator

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Leak Detection Panel

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Remote room indicator and alarm indicator for RBC-AIP3 Leak Detection Panel

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RBC-RCS1, RBC-RCS2, RBC-RCS Special             RBC-RD3 Leak Detection Sensors

Single zone recessed leak detection sensor with a range of facia plates or alternative surface mounted type

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Continuous monitoring of Digital or Super Digital Inverter Split System air conditioning circuit to measure gradual or major refrigerant loss in compliance with BS EN378 & BREEAM

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Continuous monitoring of VRF air conditioning circuits to measure gradual or major refrigerant loss in compliance with BS EN378 & BREEAM

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Leak Detection Panel for small Single Room monitoring and isolation in compliance with BS EN378 and maintaining continuous operation of unaffected air conditioning units

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Room indicator for use with RBC-RP1

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Refrigerant Monitoring and Detection

Toshiba market leading Refrigerant Monitoring and Detection Solutions

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