Toshiba R32 Roll-Out Continues at Distributors Conference

Toshiba outlined the company’s plans to move to R32 for splits and multi-splits at its recent distributor conference, held at Crew Hall. The move covers Super Digital Inverter (SDi) and Digital Inverter (Di) units, which will be supplied pre-charged with R32 from June 2018. This lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant will replace high GWP R410A, stocks of which will not be replaced. David Dunn, managing director of sales for Toshiba Air Conditioning, CIAT and Carrier in the UK, said that Toshiba was ... Read more

Toshiba briefs trade press editors on R32 launch

Toshiba’s R32 roll-out included a briefing for editors of key industry publications, held in London in the run-up to the launch. Those attending included Neil Everitt, editor of leading online news site Cooling Post, Andrew Gaved, editor in chief of RAC and H&V News, Lynn Sencicle, editor of ACR News, and David Todd, editor of ACR Journal. David Dunn, TCUK’s managing director of sales, outlined the strategy and presented the findings from a survey carried out among Toshiba customers. He said UK contractors had ... Read more