Estia Case Study

Reducing energy consumption and saving costs has been the top priority for most new-builds and renovation projects in recent times. Toshiba have the perfect solution to saving money and energy in the form of their new Estia, Air to Water Heat Pump System.

The Challenge
The owner of the barn wanted a discreet, modern form of heating with a long life expectancy which would not only heat the barn sufficiently and provide domestic hot water (house floor area 292.56 m²) but also save money compared to the existing oil fired boiler. The oil costs were reported to be £390 every six weeks.

The Solution
The installation company, Climate Mechanical Services stated that with the Estia system, the installation was easy and the component parts were discreetly situated in the garage and the outdoor unit was placed out of sight on the external part of the building. The Estia system use of natural occurring energy in the outside air and converting it into useful heat, should not only reduce the impact on the environment but also offer significant cost savings over the old oil fuelled boiler. Another benefit of the Estia system is the speed at which it heats the house and then remains at a constant temperature, thanks to Toshiba’s inverter technology.

The Application
The under-floor heating covers the overwhelming majority of the barn and the floor surfaces are predominantly timber or tiled. The building also has two radiators, of which one is located in a loft bedroom and the other in the garage. The under-floor heating has been “zoned” using a manifold set and each zone has a room thermostat.

The Estia unit controls the temperature of the water in the system through it’s innovative auto-setting that automatically adjusts the temperature of the leaving water according to the outdoor temperature. As the outside temperature decreases the system increases the water temperature and likewise as the outside temperature increases the water temperature is decreased.

The system is also being used to generate hot water through an existing hot water tank located in the roof space. The tank has it’s own electrical backup system and controls. The hydro unit is located in the garage and the outdoor unit is situated adjacent to the garage, approximately 15mtrs from the hydro unit.

The owner had concerns that the hot water tank would not hold enough water for the families use and therefore wanted his old boiler as a back up, however the back up boiler has never been used.

* Calculated savings are estimates based on Estia Calculation Software and data provided by end user.

The Benefits
From replacing the existing oil boiler to an Estia system for the main heat generation source, the calculated year on year savings are around 50%* on the energy bill as well as 64%* reduction in CO² emissions.

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