Hotel Leak Detection and Containment Solution

The challenge from the client was to provide a system that would achieve heating and cooling to the bedrooms in the most energy efficiency way and a leak detection system to comply with the requirements of BSEN378 achieved by the means of using an individual room concentration sensor. With full integration of a management system to ensure no false alarms activated a pump down process

How it all Works
By utilising our controls solution we are able to provide the client with a fully integrated controls system for Toshiba VRF air conditioning. As a result this provides a leak detection system that complies with BSEN378 and also helps the maintenance team with the requirements of the F-Gas regulation by giving them the ability to identify any potential system leaks at an early stage. Thereby reducing the amount of R410A leaked into the atmosphere and helping to make sure the system runs at its peak energy efficient performance level. Furthermore, the advanced technology employed within this system ensures that any false alarms do not interfere with the operation of the system, making this a failsafe way to not only ensure safety but to ensure comfort within a building.

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