Mallard House Offices

Through active communications with Mark Ellis of Morgan Lovell, Toshiba were able to provide an alternative true VRF Heat Recovery solution for Mallard House, installed by Airmaster.

Although Toshiba was not originally specified for the project, the energy efficiency and cost savings of the equipment meant that Toshiba was the obvious choice. Toshiba understand the importance of our installers, M&Es and End Users alike and find it of paramount importance to provide ‘Legendary Customer Care’. As a result of this, a number of different install options were presented to the customer in order to provide a greater range of choice and costings, as well as to make sure their every need had been accounted for.

The client was keen to provide even air distribution to the building to provide maximum comfort to the occupants and eliminate uncomfortable drafts. We achieved this through utilising ducted units, which maximized the functionality and versatility of the equipment. Two outdoor condensers were needed for this project, 16hp for the first floor and 14hp for the ground floor. The typical SEERs you can be set to achieve on an average office installed VRF Toshiba Triple Inverter Technology System of 16hp would be 7.09 and 6.35 on a 14hp system, whilst also being able to achieve 5.19 and 4.86 SCOP. This translated to a significant energy saving on systems whilst still providing optimum quality and performance. To further this, Timer controls were added to the
system, which helps to eliminate any energy wastage by ensuring the system will not be in operation out of office ours.

The client requested fresh air ventilation to the building which we provided via Heat Recovery Air to Air Heat Exchangers which uses recovered air to temper the fresh air coming into the building. This helps reduce the overall load and potentially the size of the air conditioning equipment required to maintain set temperatures. A main advantage point to opting for Toshiba’s AHU’s is the Specific Fan Power that can be achieved.

By maintaining regular and effective communication with both Mark Ellis and Mark Staniland we were able to be confident that we were superseding the clients expectations every step of the way.

“When I selected Toshiba for this project it was due to the performance of the equipment that would meet the clients expectations and with the working relationship I have with Toshiba we would not be let down with reliability, delivery or back up. ” – Mark Staniland of Airmaster