Sonority Design Hi-Fi specialist

Audio engineers at hi-fi specialist Sonority Design have installed an ultralow noise R-32-based Toshiba air conditioning system to ensure the best possible listening environment for its customers.

The Brierley Hill-based audio company researched and compared sound levels of air conditioning units on the market, and concluded that Toshiba’s bi-flow RAS console split system was one of the quietest available, with a sound pressure range of just 31-46dB(A), equivalent to a quiet bedroom in the dead-of-night and the hushed environment of a university study library.

Lowest possible ambient noise
Nigel Kuscher, managing director of Ref-Sol Limited, which installed the Toshiba system, said: “Our client specialises in very high-end hi-fi systems, which require the lowest possible ambient noise to preserve outstanding audio reproduction. They established that the Toshiba bi-flow system was one of the quietest available, and would deliver the comfortable environment needed for customers to audition equipment without detracting from the audio experience.”

He added: “The other consideration was aesthetic design, in order to blend in with the up-market ambience of its retail outlet and listening studio. The discrete appearance and flowing curves of the Toshiba bi-flow console unit were a perfect match,” said Kuscher.

Excellent comfort and efficiency
The design of the Toshiba bi-flow system allows air discharge from the top and bottom of the unit, reducing turbulence and associated sound emissions while delivering excellent comfort conditions and energy efficiency.

It uses the latest digital hybrid inverter technology to precisely match output to demand, further reducing sound levels, and is equipped with a fine-filter system to ensure optimal indoor air quality.

The Sonority Design system delivers a total of 7.2kW of cooling and has an energy label rating of A++. Indoor units are Toshiba’s console model RAS-B18UFV- E1, and the outdoor unit is model RAS-3M27S3AV-E.