Toshiba delivers 66% energy savings on High Street

A major UK retailer with outlets both on the high street and located within shopping centres. Substantial energy savings have been achieved in more than 230 of these stores by the installation of Toshiba Super Digital Inverter heat pump split systems in place of the existing R22 systems.

320 stores were surveyed by Toshiba to identify where existing R22 equipment was installed.

Replacement Toshiba R410A Super Digital Inverter systems were delivered to 232 stores over a two month period. Toshiba coordinated this project with the installing contractors to ensure the upgrades took place quickly and efficiently.

The retailer received a weekly progress report from Toshiba updating the delivery and installation status. Every commissioning sheet was checked by Toshiba’s technical department to ensure the highest standards of installation were being met.

An independent Energy Services company produced a detailed energy analysis at one of the stores located in Bootle. An energy analyser was used to measure the energy consumption of three existing R22 cassette split systems over a two week period. The units were then replaced with three Toshiba R410A heat pump cassette split systems and the energy analyser was used to record the new energy consumption.

The data gathered revealed that the existing units were consuming an average of 14.93 kWh per day based on 12 hour operation. The replacement Toshiba units absorbed an average of 4.98 kWh per day over the same time period, giving a 66% energy saving.