RAC round table conference

Toshiba Air Conditioning division of Toshiba Carrier UK Ltd sponsored a high profile industry round-table conference on key issues facing the sector.
The meeting, organised by RAC magazine and held in London on 20 November, included delegates from industry organisations such as the RAC and Heap Pump Group of contractors body, the Building and Engineering Services Association, plus leading distributors, installers, manufacturers and end users.
Andrew Gaved, editor of RAC, said: “The air conditioning sector is facing a number of challenges. The focus on reducing energy in buildings is putting a premium on high-performance energy efficient equipment. At the same time, concerns over refrigerant GWP and flammability, not to mention changes in the F-gas regulation, look set to make things interesting for supplier, contractor and customer alike.”

The aim of the round-table is to identify the key issues and frame some conclusions about the best way forward, to ensure the twin aims of commercial development and environmental protection continue to be met.

David Dunn, Commercial Director of Toshiba, who participated in the panel, said: “Toshiba has taken a leadership role in relation to the environment. We strongly believe that it is possible to deliver high quality, high efficiency air conditioning while safeguarding the environment and minimising risks to users.”

He added: “This approach is reflected throughout our business, ranging from the recent achievement of CarbonNeutral® status, through the industry recognition we have received for our ground-breaking refrigerant management systems, to the end-of-life recycling schemes introduced for equipment. We believe that environmental protection goes hand-in-hand with commercial success and opportunity.”

Specific topics discussed included:
• refrigerant choice;
• recent changes to F-Gas legislation;
• development of the heat pump market;
• opportunities under the Green Deal;
• new materials and approaches, such as aluminium pipe and mechanical jointing

The event will be the subject of a major report in a forthcoming issue of RAC magazine.