Toshiba launches major training initiative to boost skills and improve installation standards

It includes a new Toshiba-backed training programme and a pioneering scheme to equip installers with state-of-the-art installation tools and commissioning equipment.

David Dunn, Toshiba Air Conditioning’s UK commercial director, says: “We recognise that when business is tough, people tend to cut back on support activities such as training and investment in tools and equipment.

“We want to support contractors through the current economic challenges and ensure they continue to improve their skills, in order to operate to the highest standards.

“This means backing them with the best practical training courses available, and ensuring they are equipped with the latest tools.”

To this end, Toshiba Air Conditioning UK is launching a comprehensive new programme of practical training modules for installers and contractors. Devised by its leading trouble-shooter Andie Ellmers (product and training manager), and supported by David Thomas (senior technical engineer), the programme of courses will provide the theoretical and practical skills required for all the main categories of equipment.

The training modules are now being rolled out across Toshiba’s expanding network of air conditioning training centres across the UK.

There are currently 10 facilities available, located in Bristol, Dublin, Leatherhead, Leeds, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Sunderland, Warrington, Welwyn Garden City and West Bromwich, covering most areas of the country.

In addition, a new state-of-the-art training centre is planned for Manchester and future expansion scheduled for East Kilbride in Scotland.

Alongside the training roll-out, the company is launching a new scheme enabling engineers to acquire the latest tools and commissioning aids free of charge. It offers high quality tools for those purchasing Toshiba VRF air conditioning systems as part of the company’s installer incentive programme.

David Dunn said: “In my forays into the field, I am often surprised at how many engineers have to work with out-of-date or, even, broken tools. I have even seen an engineer – not a Toshiba installer I hasten to add – using standard bathroom scales to weigh refrigerant into a VRF system, instead of using accurate digital refrigerant scales.”

He added: “There is also a trend for installers to use two-way manifold gauges instead of four-way gauges, perhaps due to the cost difference. However, by using the correct gauges, the engineer can carry out a full range of procedures, without the need to remove them. It also enables them to use more powerful and effective vacuum pumps and recovery units. All of this contributes to a higher quality installation and speeds up onsite work, improving profitability.”
Manufacturers’ incentive schemes generally in recent years have tended to put the emphasis on consumer goods, such as televisions and DVD players.

David Dunn comments: “This can be an attractive reward. However, we believe the time has come to start putting solid, practical investment back into companies, in order to support our futures. This must start with ensuring that engineers receive the best possible training, and making sure they have the right tools do a first class job.”

For more details on Toshiba air conditioning training and the tools incentive scheme, contact 0870 843 333, or email