Toshiba launches ‘no cost’ replacement scheme for obsolete R22 air conditioning plant

Despite the long-anticipated ban, R22 is still one of the most common refrigerants in use in installed systems. Under EU legislation, however, use of R22 for topping up plant will be banned from the end of 2014.

David Dunn, Toshiba Air Conditioning commercial director, explains: “Systems still running on R22 will effectively become obsolete. The problem is there is a huge amount of R22-based equipment still in use across the UK – in offices, shops, hotels, restaurants and many other commercial and public buildings. Estimates vary, but there may be upwards of 200,000 R22 systems still in operation.”

He adds: “This represents a very serious exposure for building operators. Toshiba’s new lease scheme enables them to replace aging R22 plant with new high efficiency air conditioning in a budget neutral way. The savings in running costs in the vast majority of cases pay for the lease costs on the new equipment, giving up to seven years peace of mind – plus high quality heating and cooling for building occupants.”

The key to the scheme is the use of high efficiency R410A equipment to replace old R22 systems. The new plant uses much less energy to deliver the same cooling and heating to a building, dramatically reducing the user’s energy bills.

In most cases, the monthly saving in running costs will equal the lease costs for the new equipment, making the replacement programme budget neutral.

“It is a painless way for end users to solve the R22 headache,” says David Dunn. “And the sooner people make the switch, the quicker the carbon reductions kick in for their building or estate, delivering a significant environmental benefit. It is a win-win for all concerned.”

Toshiba already reports keen interest in the scheme from a number of major end users operating national estates still dependent on R22-based air conditioning. A key attraction in the current economic climate is that the scheme solves the R22 problem without requiring upfront investment in capital costs.

In addition, it includes a warranty of up to seven years on the new equipment, removing uncertainty on servicing and maintenance costs and delivering guaranteed monthly expenditure for budgeting purposes.

The scheme also covers the full legal requirements under F-Gas legislation on behalf of the end user, with old equipment removed and recycled and refrigerant disposed of with full certification, delivering complete peace of mind.

Toshiba has developed an online R22 replacement calculator to enable end users, consultants and contractors to assess the cost of applying the scheme to a particular building or estate. With a few key figures, it can provide an accurate indication of the monthly costs of taking up the scheme.

David Dunn says: “We believe that on grounds of cost neutrality, environmental responsibility, building occupant comfort and legal compliance, the new Toshiba scheme has all the bases covered.”

For more details, contact Toshiba on 0870 843 333, or email