Toshiba’s New VRF System Wins Air Conditioning Product of the Year 2021

LONDON, UK, 6 April, 2021 – The latest generation of Toshiba’s pioneering Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system, SMMS-u, has been crowned Air Conditioning Product of the Year in the UK’s prestigious ACR News Awards 2021. Toshiba Carrier UK Ltd (TCUK) is a joint venture between Toshiba Carrier Corporation and Carrier, which is part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), the leading global provider of healthy, safe and sustainable building and cold chain solutions.

               SMMS-u won the accolade in the award’s most hotly contested category against several other global manufacturers, judged by an independent panel of industry experts. It follows a recent national award in Japan for SMMS-u’s outstanding energy efficiency by Japan’s Energy Conservation Centre, the country’s foremost energy technology body, supported by the Japanese government.

SMMS-u breaks new ground for the industry in terms of efficiency, connectivity, flexibility, size and ease of installation. This is made possible by several innovations, including a pioneering new triple rotary compressor, developed in-house by Toshiba, which is the world’s largest such unit (*1). With a refrigerant pre-charge almost 50% less than the previous model, it also offers major safety and environmental benefits.

One of the key benefits of SMMS-u is that the maximum system piping length possible has been increased to 1,200m, with up to 250m from the outdoor unit to farthest indoor unit, and a height difference of up to 110m between outdoor and indoor unit. This gives project designers even greater flexibility in applying the system.

It is also now possible to connect up to 128 indoor units as a result of a new high speed communications protocol, TU2C-LINK, developed by Toshiba.

Further benefits include:

  • A 200% diversity ratio for any single unit and 150% for combined units, giving great flexibility for use in different types of building, and the ability to operate in heating mode down to -25°C .
  • A super-compact chassis for outdoor units with a single unit delivering a maximum of 24HP, enabling greater cooling and heating power in restricted space situations and easier handling on site for installers.
  • A new oil management system that ensures continuous compressor lubrication and overcomes the need for piping for an oil balance circuit, speeding up installation on site.
  • A sensor-based defrost system that only initiates defrost when absolutely necessary, maintaining up to five hours of continuous heating, ensuring the comfort of building occupants at all times. In applications with multiple systems, the smart control system staggers defrost cycles across the systems to maintain overall performance, again ensuring the comfort of occupants.

“Toshiba first launched their VRF range in 1986, and the first-generation of Toshiba’s Super Modular Multi System VRF was launched in 2003,” said David Dunn, managing director of Toshiba Carrier UK. “Today’s seventh-generation SMMS-u pushes efficiency, adaptability and connectivity to new levels, delivering class-leading performance in the highly competitive VRF sector.

“We are delighted to have received independent industry recognition for this outstanding product, which we believe is set to be another winner. It can be applied in almost all commercial buildings, new build or refurbishment, and represents a full packaged heating/cooling solution that brings significant advantages to all stakeholders,” said David Dunn.

More details on Toshiba’s SMMS-u here:

*1 Source: Toshiba Carrier Corporation (as of December 21)

About Toshiba Carrier UK
Toshiba Carrier UK Ltd is a joint venture between Toshiba Carrier Corporation and Carrier in the United Kingdom, and provides sustainable solutions integrating energy efficient products for residential and light commercial customers. Carrier is part of Carrier Global Corporation, a leading global provider of healthy, safe and sustainable building and cold chain solutions.