Toshiba’s technology briefings attract consultants

The well-attended sessions include details of the company’s recently introduced SHRM-i three-pipe heat recovery VRV system, which delivers the best part load efficiency available on the market today.
Toshiba believes performance ratings for air conditioning systems at full capacity can be misleading. David Dunn, Toshiba’s General Manager, says: “In the UK, air conditioning only operates at maximum capacity for a small proportion of the time, for most of the time systems operate at part-load – therefore it makes sense to focus on efficiency in this range.”
He added: “Once we explain the rationale, people are sold on the benefits of the new system.”
The briefings also cover the latest developments in Toshiba’s award-winning refrigerant detection and leak management system, which offers a complete solution to the challenge of refrigerant containment.
Toshiba’s pioneering approach to minimising and eliminating leaks is being adopted by some leading global end users for their buildings, to ensure maximum protection for building occupants and the environment.

Toshiba believes that refrigerant containment is one of the most important issues facing the industry, and that preventing leaks is key to the industry’s reputation for responsible environmental stewardship. It is also seen as a key driver influencing the future of European-wide legislation relating to the use of F-Gases.

David Dunn says: “Since we launched the refrigerant management system the interest has been tremendous. It is now being specified as a default solution by some of the world’s best known companies, particularly in the hotel sector. They like the absolute assurance that the system provides, which is not available from any other manufacturer.”

Other topics being covered by the roadshow include R22 replacement, installer training, Toshiba’s air conditioning lease scheme and the new seven-year warranty

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