Toshiba wins two national awards

Toshiba Air Conditioning, a division of Toshiba Carrier UK Limited ('Toshiba') achieved a double triumph at the finals of the ACR News Awards 2013, held in London yesterday. The company won the prestigious Air Conditioning Product of the Year Award for its ground-breaking refrigerant leak detection and containment system. The system offers complete protection and assurance for air conditioning end users, building occupiers and the environment. The suite of technologies constantly monitors and manages refrigerant content within air conditioning systems, and includes the first ... Read more

Toshiba launches new energy efficient three-pipe SHRMi VRF system

Toshiba’s latest generation of super heat recovery VRF air conditioners, the SHRM-i series, is the most efficient product on the market at part-load conditions. The ground-breaking new range, available now, becomes the new industry benchmark in the competitive three-pipe VRF sector. Toshiba believes performance ratings for systems at full capacity can be misleading. “In the UK, air conditioning only operates at maximum capacity for a small proportion of the time, “ says David Dunn, Toshiba’s commercial director. “For most of the ... Read more

Toshiba cools and heats Fire and Rescue Services

A series of new Community Fire and Rescue stations being built as part of a major development programme in the North of England are being equipped with state-of-the-art Toshiba air conditioning. A total of 21 new fire stations are being rolled out, replacing outdated facilities. To date, 15 of the fire stations have been equipped with high efficiency Toshiba air conditioning, with remaining sites awaiting completion and fit-out towards the end of this year and early 2013. All stations have a combination of Toshiba’s ... Read more

RAC round table conference

Toshiba Air Conditioning division of Toshiba Carrier UK Ltd sponsored a high profile industry round-table conference on key issues facing the sector. The meeting, organised by RAC magazine and held in London on 20 November, included delegates from industry organisations such as the RAC and Heap Pump Group of contractors body, the Building and Engineering Services Association, plus leading distributors, installers, manufacturers and end users. Andrew Gaved, editor of RAC, said: “The air conditioning sector is facing a number of challenges. The focus ... Read more

Toshiba wins National ACR Award

A ground-breaking refrigerant detection and containment system developed by the Toshiba team at Toshiba Carrier UK Ltd has won a major national award. The company’s pioneering approach won the Air Conditioning Product of the Year Award in the National ACR Awards 2012, held at the Bloomsbury Big Top in London, on 22 November. For the first time, the system offers complete protection and assurance for air conditioning end users, building occupiers and the environment. It is considered so effective that buildings equipped with ... Read more

Eco Design & Lot 10

With the new European Eco Design Directive the objective is the integration of environmental aspects into the product design with the aim of improving the environmental performance of the product throughout its whole life cycle. Air conditioners have been identified as energy related products (ERP) because they have an impact on energy consumption during use. Therefore a new set of rules for energy efficiency measurements and specifications have been identified which will be integrated in the new energy efficiency ... Read more

Toshiba warns over potential ban on pre-charged ac kit

“From the manufacturer’s point of view, this is do-able. All it would require is an additional stage to recover the refrigerant after run testing, then charge with OFN (oxygen free nitrogen), prior to sealing and shipping.” “From the installer’s point of view, however, it would mean that systems would have to be charged on site, with the additional time and cost this would involve. It would also add to the potential risk of refrigerant loss to atmosphere; charging refrigerant on site at ... Read more

Toshiba launches major training initiative to boost skills and improve installation standards

It includes a new Toshiba-backed training programme and a pioneering scheme to equip installers with state-of-the-art installation tools and commissioning equipment. David Dunn, Toshiba Air Conditioning’s UK commercial director, says: “We recognise that when business is tough, people tend to cut back on support activities such as training and investment in tools and equipment. “We want to support contractors through the current economic challenges and ensure they continue to improve their skills, in order to operate to the highest standards. “This means backing them ... Read more

Toshiba launches ‘no cost’ replacement scheme for obsolete R22 air conditioning plant

Despite the long-anticipated ban, R22 is still one of the most common refrigerants in use in installed systems. Under EU legislation, however, use of R22 for topping up plant will be banned from the end of 2014. David Dunn, Toshiba Air Conditioning commercial director, explains: “Systems still running on R22 will effectively become obsolete. The problem is there is a huge amount of R22-based equipment still in use across the UK - in offices, shops, hotels, restaurants and many other commercial and ... Read more

Online spare parts

Features include: Search by model facility Full parts listing by model Exploded views in pdf format Price & availability enquiry Option to place an order The Toshiba Spare Parts Centre is accessed via You will need to register for secure access which can be done via the login page, once validated as a Toshiba customer we will send confirmation and attach user instructions, your request will take approximately 24 hours to validate. We suggest you use your email address as your User Name. Any problems with registration ... Read more