Air Curtain – Enviroscreen Free-Hanging Unit

The Air Curtain is used to separate one environment from another where either doors are left open, or when automatic doors frequently open due to high traffic levels. It creates a “curtain” of moving air that is blown over the opening of a doorway. The invisible “wall” will not allow air to flow through it. The Enviroscreen free hanging unit is suitable for installation above the door, where the whole unit will be visible.

  • New 10.3 kW ECA compliant Air Curtain COP 3.11
  • Ideal for offices, retail units and commercial applications
  • Integrated electrical box design
  • Removable panels for easy access
  • Power supply taken from outdoor unit
  • Suitable for installation with Super Digital SP1104AT-E outdoor
  • Easy installation and maintenance access
  • Operational to -15°C
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