Air Handling Unit BMS Control

Enables connection of 3rd party air handling units (with DX coil) to Toshiba light commercial, Digital and Super Digital outdoor units and Toshiba VRF outdoor units using BMS Control

The existing DI/SDI and VRF DX Interfaces use a TA sensor and set-point (via Remote Controller) to maintain Room Air or Return Air temperature. The range has been further expanded by the development of a new DX interface which can directly control capacity, operation and mode from a BMS system.
The new DI/SDI and VRF 0-10V AHU DX Interface enables BMS capacity control of Toshiba outdoor units connected to a DX Coil in an Air Handling Unit. The interface is compatible with Toshiba’s range of Digital Inverter (R32 & R410A), Super Digital Inverter (R32 & R410A) and VRF SMMSe 8HP and 10HP outdoor units.
The interface includes a common DX Interface (RBC-DXC031) for both DI/SDI and VRF systems. Default setting is configured to operate in DI/SDI model mode. Configuration for use with a VRF SMMSe system is made by change to DIP Switch settings.

  • Allows connection of 3rd party AHU to all Toshiba DI/SDI and VRF SMMSe outdoor units
  • Controlled via 3rd party BMS Control
  • Toshiba wired remote controller required for system configuration
  • Control 0~10V PCB Analogue Inputs to operate with Stepped or Linear response
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