Estia Monobloc Air to Water Heat Pump System

The Toshiba ESTIA monobloc air to water heat pump system is designed to deliver the right temperature for space heating and produce domestic sanitary hot water throughout the year.

    • Max COP 4.10 @+7°C & COP 2.51 @-7°C air temperature
    • Direct hot water production up to 60°C
    • Heating Operation down to -20°C
    • Domestic sanitary hot water production
    • Header/Follower group control up to 4 units

High Energy efficiency providing enhanced energy savings
A+ energy class in space heating. Part Load efficiency ηs up to 144% certified by Eurovent EuroHP according to NF414 & EN14825.
The Toshiba Inverter uses the new vector controlled Intelligent Power Drive Unit, which enables a wider range of compressor frequencies resulting in better temperature control.
Easy to install, easy to control With the ESTIA Monobloc, all hydraulic components are combined inside the outdoor unit offering one very compact solution.
Available in 17kW and 21kW models, the ESTIA Monobloc provides space heating and Domestic Sanitary hot water direct production, without DX connections.
It can be installed safely in the most suitable place outside new building as well as renovations.
The ESTIA Monobloc large screen remote controller is designed to be simple, intuitive and easy to use options are compatible with most standard communication protocols (JBUS, MODBUS, BACnet and LONWORKS).

The ESTIA system has the additional advantage of providing cooling in the warmer seasons.

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