New VRF Indoor – Floor Mounted Console MML-UP_H-E

The simple design of this unit represents the perfect choice, for refurbishment projects, where the available space is limited, or where neither the walls nor ceiling are able to house the unit.


Capacity – 2.2 > 8 kW

Sound Level – 35 dB(A)


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  • The units have as standard the ability to flow air in a horizontal direction, however with a simple change during the installation process, the unit can be configured, so that the air flow goes in the upward direction, maximizing the flexibility of the design.


  • With just one single cabinet size, for all capacity models, allows a single model range to be installed within a building, giving the installation a uniform and clean look.
  • Minimum space required for installation and servicing.
  • Refrigerant and drain piping with four installation possibilities: top, rear, left or right hand of the unit.
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