New VRF Indoor Unit – Fresh Air Intake MMD-UP_1HFP-E

This indoor unit has been specifically designed to manage and treat fresh air as it is distributed into the building. This indoor unit manages and treats the fresh air intake before it will be distributed into the building.

Capacity – 8.9 > 40 kW (5 to 14HP)

Sound Level – Max 42 dB

Air Flow – 1080 > 3060 m3/h


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AHU alternative

  • Ideal solution for schools, hospitals, offices and all the buildings that require fresh air ventilation (in limited quantity), without any further exclusive system, where there is insufficient outdoor space to install a large air handling unit or whenever zoning of a building with different independent small tenant areas are clearly defined.
  • Pre-heat, pre-cool functions (discharge temperature setting range from 13°C to 30°C).
  • Adaptability: External static pressure available up to 200 Pa.
  • Air quality: Standard and high-performance filters available as an option.
  • TU2C-Link control connection.
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