New VRF Indoor Unit – Standard Ducted MMD-UP_BHP-E

Whatever the shape of the room, this flexible model ensures a uniform temperature and air distribution for optimal end user comfort.

CAPACITY – 1.7 < 18kW


Coming soon…


  • Slimline design, with a depth of just 275mm helps to simply the installation, even when space is limited.
  • Superior low noise operation. Noise output at low fan equates to just 26 dB(A).


  • External static pressure can be raised up to 120 Pa for extensive ducting.
  • Possible to connect a fresh air inlet duct to the unit, to maximize air quality and room air quality.
  • Flexible design, allows the inlet air configuration to be configured between the standard rear inlet design or, from the underside of the unit.
  • Built-in high-lift drain pump.
  • Air discharge spigot available as an option.
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