R32 RAV Digital Inverter Slim Ducted

Whether installed in a ceiling void or in a false ceiling, Toshiba’s slim duct offers the ultimate technology, with exceptional energy savings, high performance and easy installation.

Toshiba Slim Ducted indoor are ideal for hotels, banks, offices and similar applications, where very low noise levels are needed.

  • For use with Digital Inverter Outdoor &
    Super Digital Inverter Outdoor
  • Up to 50Pa available static pressure with four steps set up
  • Easy to combine with different types of air diffusers
  • Flexible design allows the inlet air configuration to be configured between the standard rear inlet design or alternatively from the underside of the unit
  • Easy to install and light weight 22kg
  • Slimline design with a height of just 210mm
  • Increased flexibility when designing and installing
    the system
  • Built-in high-lift drain pump to 850mm
  • Natural drain gravity port available
  • Infra-red and wired controls available
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Flexible, can be used in single, twin, triple or quad combination using all types of light commercial
    outdoor units
  • Indoor units are the same type, in the same room, operate simultaneously and have a single group controller
  • Branch kit must be used for triple combination
  • Branch kits for twin and quad combinations are optional

These units are suitable for use with ‘replacement technology’ enabling the re-use of existing R410A, R22 or R407C pipework.

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