RBC-BP2 Black Pear II BMS Interface

The BLACK PEAR II Toshiba HVAC controller is the most versatile on the market, connecting directly to the
2-wire TCC link network.

The integrated display provides an engineer’s interface for local control, removing the need for a central controller and separate interface. The result saves time, space and commissioning is made simple with free USB based configuration software. The unit will operate on systems with or without a central controller and supports Modbus, BACnet or Trend protocols. The device is easily configured to communicate with units in the same way that a standard central controller communicates with connected units. When the controller is powered it scans the entire network for all connected indoor units. The keypad controller can be used to operate all indoor units. This feature is very useful in the event of a BMS failure in providing and enabling continuous communication. The controller can be configured by a PC interface to group units and name zones.

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