TCB-IFLN642TLE LonWorks® Gateway

The Toshiba LonWorks interface is 100% LonMark Compliant and is designed to connect the Toshiba Air Conditioning system to a LonWorks building management control system.

This interface connects directly to the Toshiba TCC-Link central control network on the air conditioner side and can be wired on the indoor or outdoor Unit side depending on preference.
The interface is then connected to the LonWorks building management control system where it provides 28 network variables for the sending of control Commands and receiving unit information.
Multiple Toshiba LonWorks interfaces can be connected to a single TCC-Link network and addressed using simple switches provided on the device. This is to enable ease of installation, especially in buildings with separate areas where one interface may be used for each area/floor.

  • Maximum 64 indoor units/groups and 16 outdoor systems can be connected to a single LonWorks interface
  • Network adaptor TCB-PCNT30TLE2 required (1 per master indoor unit) for connection of DI/SDI indoor units
  • Maximum 10 I/F can be used per TCC-Link network
  • RBC-WP1-PE LonWorks control software also available from TOSHIBA

Note: The LonWorks interface can also be used to provide energy monitoring and billing functions when used in conjunction with Toshiba’s RBC-WP1-PE – Interactive Intelligence building management software and the RBC-EM1-PE – LonWorks Power Meter product.

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