• Refrigerant Leak detection
    Toshiba offer several refrigerant leak detection options.
  • Averaging Temperature Sensor Kits
    Interface box and 2, 3 or 4 averaging temperature sensors connected to indoor unit
  • Remote Enable Disable
    Toshiba offer a range of accessories to remotely enable / disable the AC systems
  • Indicator Modules
    Toshiba offer a range of accessories to give indication of specific functions to other systems for the purpose of monitoring.
  • Remote Sensor TCB-TC41LE
    Remote temperature sensor option
  • Outdoor Option PCBs
    There are a range of PCB’s that can connect to the outdoor units for control and monitoring.
  • TCB-PCOS1E2 Application Control PCB
    USAGE: Power peak-cut control Correspond to the temporary power peak-cut control by controlling the capacity of the outdoor unit using an external signal. Capacity control is made in 3 steps of 75%, 50% and Operation stop. Night operation (Sound reduction) The capacity is controlled using a timer procured on site (to be purchased locally) regardless […]
  • TCB-IFLN642TLE LonWorks® Gateway
    The Toshiba LonWorks interface is 100% LonMark Compliant and is designed to connect the Toshiba Air Conditioning system to a LonWorks building management control system.
  • TCB-PCUC2E Application Control Kit
    TCB-PCUC2E Application Control Kit enables Signal Output, External Digital Input, External Analog Input
  • TCB-PCNT30TLE TCC-Link Network Adaptor
    TCB-PCNT30TLE TCC-Link network adaptor enables RAV DI/SDI systems to interface with central controllers and BMS systems.