• R32 RAV Super Digital Inverter Outdoor

    The Super Digital Inverter is the flagship solution of Toshiba’s Light Commercial product range. It combines the very latest technologies, low environmental impact, exceptional durability and long pipe runs up to 75m. For single, twin, triple, & quad indoor combination

  • R32 RAV Digital Inverter Outdoor

    Toshiba Digital Inverter brings state-of-the-art inverter technology to the commercial sector, offering considerable advantages in terms of capacity, energy savings, lower refrigerant charge and utilising small physical dimensions and light weight. For single, twin, triple & quad indoor combination

  • R32 RAV Digital Inverter Wall Mounted

    Compact, quiet with an attractive design, high-wall units are suitable for every kind of project in new construction or refurbishment.

  • R32 RAV Digital Inverter 4-Way Smart Cassette

    The Digital Inverter smart cassettes is the ideal solution for applications where a ceiling void is present and easy access is required for maintenance and filter cleaning. Dedicated for commercial application, the Toshiba smart cassette is the perfect mix between comfort, elegance and efficiency.

  • R32 RAV Digital Inverter Compact 4 Way Cassette

    The all new digital inverter 4-way compact cassette has been designed to suit standard 600 x 600mm grid ceilings, for easy installation and maintenance. The compact cassette is unobtrusive, flexible and can easily blend in with any room interior.

  • R32 RAV Digital Inverter 4-Way Cassette

    Toshiba’s 4-way cassette is designed to provide uniform air distribution and total comfort; it is the ideal solution for commercial applications.

  • R32 RAV Digital Inverter Ceiling Suspended

    The simple, yet elegant design helps to create a pleasant and relaxing environment, quickly conditioning the room air to the desired temperature

  • R32 RAV Digital Inverter Slim Ducted

    Whether installed in a ceiling void or in a false ceiling, Toshiba’s slim duct offers the ultimate technology, with exceptional energy savings, high performance and easy installation.

  • R32 RAV Digital Inverter Ducted Unit

    Whatever the shape of the room, this flexible model ensures a uniform temperature and air distribution for optimal end user comfort.

  • R32 RAV Digital Inverter High Static Ducted Unit

    This range of units has been designed to provide a high Capacity output from a very small foot print.

  • R32 RAV Digital Inverter Floor Mounted Cabinet

    The Digital Inverter Floor Mounted Cabinet is particularly suitable for large rooms with low ceilings. The unit offers high air flow rates and superior air throw values. It is the ideal solution for refurbishment projects.