ECA Compliance

How It Works

The Spreadsheet Tool details the current Toshiba air conditioning products that meet the criteria detailed in the Energy Technology List.

ENERGY TECHNOLOGY LIST v20.xlsx Post April 2019
ENERGY TECHNOLOGY LIST v17.xls Prior April 2019

This spreadsheet can be used for air source single split and multi-split (non-VRF) heat pumps and air source split or multi-split variable refrigerant flow (VRF) heat pumps. The spreadsheet is split into two categories

Split Systems
VRF ETL Compliance check

To produce an Enhanced Capital Allowance Statement of Eligibility download the spreadsheet and follow the guidelines in the example below and within a few steps you will have your certificate for future use. The Enhanced Capital Allowance Statement of Eligibility can be printed as a record for an ECA submission.

This Spreadsheet Tool will be updated from time to time and is issued for guidance only. Please ensure that the products detailed in the Spreadsheet Tool are the same references as the installed items.


Step 1. From the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet, select the product category you require. For instance select the Tab labelled Split Systems.

Step 2. From the equipment list displayed select the type of unit required and enter the number of units in the left hand column. Please note multiple units can be selected.

Step 3. Once you have selected the quantity of units in the left hand column, click the tab in the green box labelled ‘installed Qty’.

Step 4. From the drop down box that appears, un-tick the bottom box labelled ‘Blanks’ then click okay. This then creates a certificate with only your selected units showing.

Step 5. For VRF ETL Compliance check follow the instructions at the top of the sheet. This creates a statement for your selected system. The ECA Status must be “YES” to comply.

Step 6. Complete the boxes on the statement with information requested such as customer and project reference along with installation date etc.

Step 7. Print your completed statement or save for future use.

Toshiba air conditioning products removed prior to 01/04/2014 Toshiba removed products.xlsx