New VRF Indoor – 2-Way Cassette MMU-UP_WH-E

Slim, compact and lightweight, the 2-way cassette has been design to fit easily and discretely into any room interior.


Capacity – 2.2 >18 kW

Sound Level – 30 dB(A)


Coming soon…


  • Unique air flow control, provides a balanced flow of air in two opposite directions, maximising air flow distribution. This feature when combined with the units fresh air intake ability helps to provide a perfect solution all year round.
  • Enhanced indoor air quality with standard longlife filters with a wide bended surface to effectively, collect dust particles.


  • The elegant white decoration panel allows the unit to be installed seamlessly into any room.


  • Minimal weight (19 kg) for units up to 4.5kw.
  • Compact dimensions (height 295mm).
  • Builtin drain pump.
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