New VRF Indoor – Concealed Chassis MML-UP_BH-E

This unit has been designed to be fitted easily into a compact space behind a decorative panel, allowing the unit to blend into any room interior. This chassis is compact and slim, it is very easy to install and to conceal behind a decorative panel to blend with any room interior.


Capacity – 2.2 > 8 kW

Sound Level – 32 dB(A)


Coming soon…


  • Not only is this unit ideal for office and other commercial buildings, this unit fits perfectly for specialist applications such as a library or hospital building.


  • Very compact design, which can be installed under a window sill, that is only 600mm in height.
  • With its limited depth of only 200mm, the unit can be installed along the wall ensuring maximum space saving.


  • Removable split front panel with immediate access to the main components.
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