New VRF Indoor Unit – Slim Duct MMD-UP_SPHY-E

Whether installed in a ceiling void or in a false ceiling, Toshiba slim duct offers the ultimate technology, with exceptional energy savings, high performance and easy installation.

Capacity – 0.9 > 6.3kW

Sound Level – 25dBA


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Wide installation possibilities

  • This ultraflexible, invisible and silent unit creates a pleasant and comfortable environment for a wide range of applications, such as hotels, offices and shops.
  • Slimline design, with a height of just 21cm, gives increased flexibility when designing and installing the system.
  • Ideal for sites that have restrictions on the space above ceiling level, where only minimum height units can be installed.


  • Exceptionally low noise level – down to 25 dB(A) – makes this unit the right choice for bedrooms.


  • Static pressure up to 50Pa.
  • This feature combined with the unobtrusive installation is the preferred solution in many old buildings, which have a decorative highlevel ceiling.
  • Can be installed in any ceiling void and coupled with any kind of air diffuser.
  • Builtin high lift drain pump.


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