SHRMi – 3 pipe Heat Recovery Outdoor

The three-pipe super heat recovery VRF SHRMi delivers world-class energy efficiency performance.

  • World class efficiency with the highest level SEER’s & SCOP rating for reduced energy consumption
  • Lightweight and compact design utilising latest coil technology
  • Infinity variable control down to 0.1 Hz increments offering fine control and smoothest operation
  • Connection of up to 48 indoor units capacities of 8 to 42hp to be combined with up to 135% of the outdoor unit
  • Up to three high efficiency DC inverter driven twin rotary compressors per outdoor unit
  • Best in class pipe work configuration boasting industry’s greatest height difference between indoor units offering greater location flexibility
  • Flexible refrigerant flow offering double refrigerant control
  • Ultra low noise level
  • Operational down to -20°c in heating mode

The SHRMi three-pipe system is designed to deliver simultaneous cooling and heating in large buildings such as offices, shops, hotels and hospitals, recovering energy from areas of excess heat and redistributing it to parts of the building requiring heating.

Toshiba’s latest generation of VRF air conditioners, becomes the new industry benchmark in the competitive three-pipe VRF sector. The SHRMi series is the most efficient product currently on the market at part-load conditions boasting a world-beating EER and COP which translates into a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) of almost 8, leaving rival systems behind.
A key to its exceptional performance is the use of up to three super efficient DC twin rotary compressors in each outdoor unit, with dedicated vector-controlled inverters. Toshiba also utilises a separate inverter for each compressor, giving ultra precise control of rotation speed in 0.1Hz increments, exactly matching output to load. The advanced technology results in a starting current of just 1Amp per system, a major advantage where the power supply is restricted

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