TCB-LDS1 & TCB-LDS2 Leak Detection Sensors inc. 12V Supply

Single zone recessed leak detection sensor with a white plastic or stainless steel facia plate supplied with remote 12 Volt supply transformer.

The TCB-LDS Leak Detection Sensor PCB fits inside a flush mount electrical back box and is available with a white plastic or stainless steel cover plate to compliment electrical switches and sockets fitted within the conditioned room.

The microprocessor controller is configured to monitor the environment for any refrigerant leaks that exceed safety limits of 0.42Kg/m3 as stated in BS EN378-1:2016. For safety purposes the Leak Detection Sensor alarm relay is energised during normal operation and de-energised in the event of a fault or alarm to provide a fail-safe feature. Normal operation is confirmed by a green LED and fault indication is displayed by alternating red/amber LED.

In the event of activation the sensor emits an audible and visual alarm within the bedroom and transmits an indoor unit L30 fault indication.

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