VRF Indoor Unit HT Hot Water Module (R134A)

In addition to the standard simultaneous heating and cooling function of the SHRMe system, it is now possible with the new Toshiba high temperature hot water module, to produce hot water up to 82ºC, whilst still retaining the comfort operation of the indoor units.

High temperature Hot Water Module available in 5HP configuration is capable of providing 14kW of heating to generate hot water up to 82ºC. Hot Water Modules can be combined in multiples of two per system.

  • For use with SHRMe
  • Designed to deliver hot water to a hot water tank
  • Designed to produce hot water from 25°C up to 82°C outlet water temperature, whilst still maintaining the performance and efficiency levels of the rest of the system
  • Particularly suited for hot water sanitary production for residential and business applications
  • All year round hot water
  • All season hot water even when the other indoor units are operate in cooling
  • Operating range from -25°C to +46°C DB ambient condition
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