• Control Solutions Overview

    Small Commercial systems controls
    Light Commercial and VFR system controls

  • Wireless Remote Controllers

    Wireless and infra-red remote controllers for Small and Light Commercial and VRF indoor units.

  • Standard Wired Controllers

    Local hard wired remote controllers for single system or groups of up to 64 indoor units and 16 outdoor units.

  • Central Controllers

    Central control options allow control of several indoor units from a central location for example a reception area, a plant room or an office.

  • Wi-Fi Control

    Light commercial RAS, RAV & VRF

  • BMS

    A selection of interfaces that enable networking control of Toshiba air conditioners with local building management systems.

  • Control Accessories

    A range of interface controls and other accessories for use with Small and Light Commercial, VRF and Heating products.

  • Bespoke

    Custom control panels, facia plates and solutions.