• RBC-TBPTS SMART Touch Controller
    Toshiba SMART Touch Controller provides a modern compact approach to management control technology utilising easy to use Icons and simple intuitive navigation to deliver sophisticated strategies that provide precise control and data analysis.
  • RBC-BP2 Black Pear II BMS Interface
    The BLACK PEAR II Toshiba HVAC controller is the most versatile on the market, connecting directly to the 2-wire TCC link network.
  • BMS-CT1280E Touch Screen
    The Touch Screen Controller can connect up to 128 indoor units.
  • BMS-CT5121E Touch Screen
    The Touch Screen Controller can connect up to 512 indoor units.
  • Compliant Manager
    This compliant manager is a Central Control device that can be connected to up to 128 Indoor Units (2 x 64 IDU TCCLink Connections)…
  • Smart Manager
    The Smart Manager has the same hardware Control Function as the BMS-CM1280TLE Controller, but also has the ability of control from a Local Area Network and, with the use of an additional Interface, is capable of Energy Monitoring and Report Creation Functions.
  • Windows Package RBC-WP1-PE
    The Interactive Intelligence software package is a building management control software tool designed for use on LonWorks network protocol.
  • Central Controller TCB-SC643TLE
    The TCB-SC643TLE 64-way central controller is TOSHIBA’s standard central control solution and can be connected to up to 64 Indoor Units via the TCC-Link Central Control network. Coming soon…
  • RBC-TXIO Equipment Interface
    The RBC-TXIO Network Interface Module enables third party equipment to be controlled and monitored with the Toshiba Smart Touch Screen Controller and the Toshiba Black Pear BMS interface.