• Wall Mounted

    Standard and compact High Wall units for smaller rooms.

  • Cassette Type (1,2 & 4 way)

    Versatile range of Cassette units for easy installation into ceilings.

  • Ceiling Suspended

    Ceiling units are ideal where false ceilings are unavailable.

  • Ducted (above Ceiling)

    Slim, standard and high static ducted units for installation into ceiling voids.

  • Floor Mounted

    A wide range of floor mounted console, chassis and floor standing cabinet.

  • Fresh Air Intake

    Large ducted indoor unit to condition fresh air intake into building.

  • Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger DX

    Air-to-air ventilation heat exchanger using exhaust air + DX coil to pre-condition incoming air to reduce load demand and to save energy.

  • Hot Water Module

    2-Pipe medium temperature and 3-Pipe medium and high temperature hot water modules.