MiNi SMMSe VRF Heat Pump System 4-10HP

The all-new MiNi-SMMS-e air conditioner line-up enables cooling or heating to multiple rooms with a single system. Outdoor units ranging 4 to 10HP, offer high energy savings, installation flexibility and quiet operation. The new MiNi-SMMSe makes a perfect solution for small shops, office buildings and large apartments.

Now available…4, 5 & 6HP 3-ph Models

A wide range of indoor unit types provides increased design and installation flexibility. The unique Intelligent Flow Technology control continually adjusts the operation of both indoor and outdoor units, based on the feedback from multiple sensors. While the refrigerant flow to each indoor unit is precisely controlled by the outdoor unit, ensuring even capacity distribution throughout the system, the evaporative and condensing temperature is automatically adjusted to maintain optimum indoor room temperature, regardless of the unit’s load or its physical distance from the outdoor unit.

  • Single phase power supply
  • Compact and lightweight outdoor unit
  • High-efficiency DC twin rotary compressor
  • High ESEER up to: 10.28
  • High COP up to: 4.83
  • Capacity range 12-28kW cooling and 12-28kW heating
  • Automatic addressing
  • Extended refrigerant piping capability
  • Operates up to 16 indoor units from a choice of over 80 models
  • Ultra-quiet, utilising remote PMV kit (option)

The new MiNi SMMSe system has been developed to achieve the best performance in a wide variety of commercial applications including shops, offices and large apartments, where unobtrusive appearance and quiet operation are important.

The extraordinary flexibility of this Toshiba system is guaranteed by the breadth of the range of compatible MiNi SMMSe indoor units – up to 16 model types with a combination of over 80 units that offer flexibility and maximum air distribution which enables the MiNi SMMSe system to be easily installed for maximum performance.

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