New VRF Indoor Unit – 1-Way Cassette MMU-UP_YHP-E & MMU-UP_SH-E

Toshiba’s innovative slim-line 1-way cassette is simple to install and suitable for small areas, such as hotels, offices and reception rooms.

Capacity – 0.9 > 7.1kW

Sound Level – 25 dBa


Coming soon…


  • Low noise level that can operate down to 25dB(A).
  • Advanced filtration available as an option (YHP model).
  • Smart operation with Motion senor available as an option (YHP model).
  • The unit design makes it possible to connect a frontal air discharge duct, allowing the air to be blown horizontally into the room.

Easy to install:

  • Ultra-thin chassis 150 X 990 X 450mm (YHP model)
  • Ideal for false ceiling applications where the space for the unit is limited.
  • Water condensate drain pump lifts condensate water up to 350mm.
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